Artmagic – ‘Become The One You Love’

Artmagic - 'Become The One You Love'


A stellar example of how bland singers ruin good music

No-one upstages Brett Anderson. It’s presumably in the contract that his guitarists must a) accompany his flawed-diamond drawl with riffs like ice-breakers carving through the nuclear skies and b) be a shit singer. Bernard Butler’s solo career suffered from the weak vocals of a reprimanded schoolchild, and now current Suede plank-stroker Richard Oakes has hooked up with Sean McGhee, a singer so bland he could be in a Toto/Yes/Foreigner covers band. So Oakes’ often masterful musicianship on the lush sonic sears of ‘Submerged’ is daubed by McGhee with the watery glisten of ’80s AOR. Works great on the amorphous pastorals ‘Half-Life’ and ‘Blue On Blue’, ruins the rest.

Mark Beaumont


Record label: Artmagic
Release date: 13 Aug, 2012