Antibalas – ‘Antibalas’

Antibalas - 'Antibalas'


A deliciously fun record with Afro-latin rhythms

It’s impossible to have more fun than listening to an afrobeat record. Go on, try it. NOPE. And the 14 members of Brooklyn’s Antibalas are the best in the business. Yeah yeah, Fela Kuti did it first, but in his absence from the world (due to death) this fifth album of Afro-Latin rhythms, tropical chanting and brass from the former TV On The Radio (on ‘Return To Cookie Mountain’ and ‘Dear Science’) and Foals (‘Antidotes’) collaborators will do nicely. Opener ‘Dirty Money’ belies the provocative title with its immense jauntiness, but the title nods to afrobeat being born as a form of protest during Nigerian social unrest in the 1960s. So it’s no coincidence ‘Antibalas’ has arrived in the midst of world DOOM with saxophonist Stuart Bogie speaking about “[i]rushing anarchy[/i]” keeping the band together. ‘The Ratcatcher’, ‘Him Belly No Go Sweet’ and ‘Sáré Kon Kon’ stick it to the man in the most tuneful and rhythmical way possible.

Kurt Murphy


Record label: Daptone
Release date: 06 Aug, 2012