Rowdy Superstar – ‘Battery’

Rowdy Superstar - 'Battery'


Falls short of his best with this mediocre record

Hip-hop dude Rowdy Superstar was touting some of these tracks during live shows back in the early part of 2011, so they’ve had a decent length of time to mature. It’s a shame, then, that much of ‘Battery’ sounds as though it was constructed in a hurry. Only ever scratching the surface of how good he’s capable of being, much of the album sounds as though optimum levels of self-satisfaction have been reached way before the finish line is even in sight. A rugged tapestry of Prince-adulation, grubby rapping circa 2008 and off-the shelf beats, ‘Battery’’s better moments are sadly smothered by its own mediocrity.

Hayley Avron


Record label: Accidental
Release date: 10 Sep, 2012