Teen – ‘In Limbo’

Teen - 'In Limbo'


Not a classic, just listen to the good ones

TEEN are yet another band who are getting a hard time on the internet for being posers. Their crimes include being from Brooklyn, wearing high-waisted ‘mom jeans’ and having a one-syllable name. What nonsense. Posers are great: they’re fun and hot and take good photos. No, the problem with TEEN is the tunes. There are only about three good songs on the record: ‘Electric’ with its fighty harmonies, ‘Why Why Why’’s entrancing Horrors-esque psych, and ‘Come Back’ – a jittery three minutes that kicks ‘twee’ in the face. The rest is all hazy production and too few choruses. Not a classic, then, but you could just listen to the good ones a lot.

Siân Rowe


Record label: Carpark
Release date: 27 Aug, 2012