Nathan Fake – ‘Steam Days’

Nathan Fake - 'Steam Days'


A techno record with a heart

For a genre of music whose roots are in the relentlessly futuristic, electronica still manages to be nostalgic for youth – think Boards Of Canada’s snippets of children’s voices or Lemon Jelly’s vinyl crackle. The latest act to travel this path is Nathan Fake, whose new album is perfectly poised between its wistful past and utopian future: plaintive drones evoke hazy childhood memories while the groan of shuffling machinery marches onward. In fact, almost every bleeding-edge beat on this record evokes its pre-digital past. In doing so it’s managed that rarest of feats, a techno record with a heart.

Ben Cardew


Record label: Border Community
Release date: 03 Sep, 2012