Holy Other – ‘Held’

Holy Other - 'Held'


Billowing minor chords and disembodied vocals lack focus

Holy Other are the frontrunners of the ‘drag’ scene that sprang from easy access to weed, Salem and a broadband connection. From their smoke-filled bedroom emerges ‘Held’, a wilfully evasive record of billowing minor chords and disembodied vocals even the most ardent SoundCloud commenter is sick of describing as “Burial-esque”. Still, to listen closely is to be enveloped; ‘Tense Past’ comes off like The Field on the other side of his ecstasy plateau, while the titular track’s porous synth and lethargic kick captures a moment of fleeting beauty, slurring into a piano-kissed stasis. Frustratingly, the one thing ‘Held’ needs is the one thing their Tumblr-goth fans are short on: concentration.

Louise Brailey


Release date: 27 Aug, 2012