Jens Lekman – ‘I Know What Love Isn’t’

Jens Lekman - 'I Know What Love Isn't'


A break-up record laden with classic Lekman pop hooks

Over the years, Swedish fella Jens has taken us on all kinds of journeys in his songs, from hating on over-zealous cab drivers to unsuccessfully chasing Kirsten Dunst around Gothenburg. ‘I Know What Love Isn’t’, though, is about his most recent break-up. And while in the past he’s dealt with break-ups with a healthy smattering of LOLs, this time he’s far gloomier. “You don’t get over a broken heart, you just learn to carry it gracefully”, he swoons on ‘The World Moves On’. Sure, it’s a tougher listen than usual, but it’s still laden with lashings of classic Lekman pop hooks and a vocal that’s sweeter than a Swedish cinnamon bun.

Jenny Stevens


Record label: Secretly Canadian
Release date: 03 Sep, 2012