Clark – ‘Fantasm Planes EP’

Clark - 'Fantasm Planes EP'


A touch of genius from the electronica expert

Permanently restless but forever familiar – the new EP by maximalist electronica savant Chris Clark covers yet more new ground while retaining his indelible touch of genius. The hypercolour cover suggests Boards Of Canada, as do the blissed dubs of ‘Com Re-Touch’ and ‘Henderson Swooping’. ‘Dove In Flames’ and ‘Brigitte’ echo Clark’s sparser work, but there’s more of an impact when he returns to squelching punches of noise that aurally vandalise his songs, especially after the more tasteful palette of his last album ‘Iradelphic’. ‘Fantasm Planes’ beats Scottish electro wünderkind Rustie at his own videogame soundtrack game.

Thom Gibbs


Release date: 03 Sep, 2012