Cult Of Youth – ‘Love Will Prevail’

Cult Of Youth - 'Love Will Prevail'


Gritty and romantic folk-rock from the doomy New Yorkers

The tide has changed in New York in recent years, with skinny-tied post-Strokes cool giving way to something weirder, darker and – whisper it – gothier. Sean Ragon’s Cult Of Youth were among the first to usher in this new era. They’re a doomy folk-rock outfit who eschew perky Mumfords jangle for something gritty and romantic, caught between elaborate orchestration and churning punk energy. It can be dour – “Man is an animal/That strives to evolve”, growls Ragon on ‘Garden Of Delights’ – but that just makes the moments of light, such as the galloping, violin-augmented ‘Golden Age’, gleam all the brighter.

Louis Pattison


Release date: 10 Sep, 2012