Mala – ‘Mala In Cuba’

Mala - 'Mala In Cuba'


A mindblower from one of dubstep's greatest

For far too many reasons to discuss here, dubstep is currently taken about as seriously as Jedward reading Faust to some pantomime dogs. Luckily, ‘Mala In Cuba’ isn’t about dubstep, even though it’s by one of the genre’s greatest. He may have ventured to the Carribean to soak up the culture and spar with local musicians, but Mala’s talent for rich grooves – in tracks like ‘Introduction’ and ‘Calle F’, as well as his trademark doom dub in ‘The Tunnel’ – makes one thing very clear: Cuba is just another tool for Mala, an outlet for his name-making style, which remains instantly recognisable and consistently listenable throughout. And the man can only use one ear. Mindblowing, really.

Joe Bishop


Release date: 17 Sep, 2012