Sic Alps – ‘Sic Alps’

Sic Alps - 'Sic Alps'


Sporadic aceness from the 'shitgaze' San Franciscans

When Sic Alps scored their first ripple of UK interest a few years back, it boxed them into a non-genre called ‘shitgaze’, which unsurprisingly was never going to be a lasting proposition for anybody. Equally, it seems the San Franciscans had ambitions beyond the tag’s distortion-over-finesse style. This fifth album is a relatively sedate affair, which touches on Pavement-style indie spikiness (‘Wake Up, It’s Over II’), Dylan-esque troubadour strum (‘Polka Vat’) and emotionally raw loner-folk (‘Thylacine Man’). Stumbling stomper ‘Drink Up!’ is about as gnarly as Sic Alps get these days, but they’ve replaced gnarl with occasional erratic aceness.

Noel Gardner


Release date: 17 Sep, 2012