Pins – ‘LuvU4Lyf’

Pins - 'LuvU4Lyf'


A clever balance of sugar and spice for Pins' debut

As sweet as they may seem, the debut EP from hype-magnets Pins is all about balancing sugar and spice. Unlike some faddish predecessors (Vivian Girls, The Pipettes), ‘LuvU4Lyf’ is finely weighted, never once swerving into mindless sweetness or impenetrably retro tunelessness. The title track mires honeyed vocals in the midst of serrating guitars and drubbing percussion, while the spidery guitars and fizzy pop harmonies of ‘Little Sting’ fall on just the right side of twee. It’s true that blogged-about girl-bands have a notoriously short shelf life in the savagery of today’s music scene, but with a bit of luck, Pins might just make the cut.

Katherine Rodgers