Tops – ‘Tender Opposites’

Tops - 'Tender Opposites'


Sickeningly sweet, swoony synth-pop from the Montreal newbies

We all love maple syrup, but imagine a world where supermarkets sell only maple syrup. You’re round your nan’s for tea but the fridge is bare, because she’s gone syrup mad and is guzzling it straight from the bottle. Obviously, this is not ideal. Such difficulties face sweet-toothed Montreal newbies Tops, a gang buoyed on by swoony synth-pop hooks and ties with Arbutus records and Montreal’s Arbutus community. They are as sickeningly Canadian as a vat of… well, you know. Still, ‘Tender Opposites’ is a technical delight, sounding like psych-nitwits Deerhoof giving an old friend a bearhug. Best consumed in small doses though.

Jazz Monroe