Tamaryn – ‘Tender New Signs’

Tamaryn - 'Tender New Signs'


Still a paid-up member of team nu-gaze? Then you're gonna love 'Tender New Signs'

Still a paid-up member of team nu-gaze? Then you’re gonna love the second album from San Francisco-based duo Tamaryn. Like their 2010 debut ‘The Waves’, it’s cinematic, dramatic, and has vocals so indistinct that Tamaryn (the singer whose band this is) could just be coo-ing “turn up the smoke machine” over and over again. Stare out of a latticed window while your pale, thin lover strokes your back to the listless groove of ‘Heavenly Bodies’. Take in a breathtaking sandy dune or sparkling frosty hillside (an empty supermarket car park will do) as ‘I’m Gone’ swirls. Let the reverbed whispers of ‘No Exits’ be the soundtrack to the inconsolable-grief stage of your next big breakup. Once you’re over it, move on to the defiant and grungy edge of ‘Violet’s In A Pool’. But if you’re not in team nu-gaze? Who cares! You probably stopped reading (and maybe did an angry sick) at the word “cinematic”.

Siân Rowe