Allah-Las – ‘Allah-Las’

Allah-Las - 'Allah-Las'


Laid-back dudes who spend their days chilling out

If their self-titled debut album is anything to go by, LA four-piece the Allah-Las are laid-back dudes. Three of them met while working in the famous record store Amoeba, and their consistent groove suggests they spend their days surfing, skating and chilling out in sun-kissed California. We’re firmly in retro territory here. ‘Allah-Las’ is all post-Rolling Stones and Byrds West Coast garage-psych that could’ve been informed by early Love and The Electric Prunes. One imagines they’ve spent plenty of time listening to the old ‘Pebbles’ compilations. Fuzzy, distorted guitars, maracas, vocals put through vintage microphones and a Hammond organ (‘Catamaran’) create an unmistakably vintage sound. The snag? Hanging out on the beach can get a bit boring. As much as the album is warm, wistful and pleasant, every song is a variation on the others, using similar chords and the same key, although final track ‘Long Journey’ packs more of a punch.

Lucy Jones