By The Sea – ‘By The Sea’

By The Sea - 'By The Sea'


Lashings of heartache thrown in for good measure

There’s a beautifully bruised element to this Wirral act’s debut, stretching through everything they do – from the subdued, morbid production to singer Liam Power’s heroically battle-weary vocals. You get the impression theirs is a world spent spliffing away the drizzle in the northwest’s most desolate bus shelters, but with added lashings of heartache thrown in for good measure. Power could even be the UK’s most well-read scally; his uncanny vocal resemblance to Shack’s Mick Head the perfect foil for his misty-eyed tales. Think of the band as burgeoning kitchen-sink dramatists for the 4G generation and you’re on the right lines.

Matt Wilkinson