Various Artists – ‘Festivus’

Various Artists - 'Festivus'


The finger-pickin’, crystal-voiced prettiness doesn't stretch our goodwill but the twee pop-by-numbers are taxing

At Christmas, albums like this jingly-jangly label showcase can expect a grade inflation of approximately 1.5–1.8 marks, depending on blood alcohol content, until the precise moment the wrapping paper hits the bin. The finger-pickin’, crystal-voiced prettiness of Correatown’s ‘Christmas Time Is Here’ and Glam Chops’ punchy Glitter Band-take-a-Fall-workout ‘Countdown To Christmas’ don’t stretch our goodwill. But the twee pop-by-numbers of (sigh) Skiffle And The Piffles and others is taxing, and by the time the hokey-tonking cobblers of The Werewandas’ ‘I Love You Santa Claus’ arrives, your finger will be itching on the button marked ‘Send Them To The Dickensian Workhouse’. But that’s for tomorrow.

Emily Mackay