Indians – ‘Something Else’

Indians - 'Something Else'


A place where nostalgia and modernism collide

A place where nostalgia and modernism collide, ‘Something Else’ is an album of string-laden, keyboard-heavy folk from a man called Søren Løkke Juul, aka Indians. The Copenhagen dweller initially seemed like a conservative choice for 4AD, a label that’s veered to the leftfield lately with Grimes and Purity Ring. But Søren’s material is both accessible and imbued with left-of-centre detail, such as the strings that crackle and echo like ancient memories under his wholesome vocal. At times, a lack of crescendo leaves his songs teetering on the precipice of drama. The money shot, though, comes with the title track – an epic, swirling conclusion to his debut.

Hayley Avron