Kilo Kish – ‘K+’

Kilo Kish - 'K+'


Kish might not be #wow just yet but she’s heading there

Punctuated by excerpts from Skype conversations, 22-year-old Lakisha Robinson’s second mixtape is a glimpse at the way rappers, singers and producers work together in 2013. You can just imagine the 25 guests zipping sound files around the world via WeTransfer. Lakisha’s mellow flow on the record suits some tracks better than others, and the slowed-down rave sirens of twisted slow-jam ‘Turquoise’, the twinkly A$AP Ferg collaboration ‘Love2K’ and the loose’n’minimal ‘Creepwave’ work best. Kish might not be entirely #wow just yet (unsurprising, considering she made songs for her debut ‘Homeschool’ EP as a “joke… kinda”) but she’s heading there.

Siân Rowe


Director: SBTRKT, Star Slinger, Childish Gambino & more
Release date: 04 Mar, 2013