Luke Sital-Singh

Luke Sital-Singh


Twenty something singer-songwriter is more Damien Rice than Jake Bugg

If coin-eyed marketing mavens get hold of mid-twenties Londoner Luke Sital-Singh, you suspect they’ll go great guns to flog him to Ben Howard’s crowd of soppy teenage simpletons. Nevertheless, his brand of acoustic emoting (polished on these four songs by Jake Bugg’s producer Iain Archer) is a bit more mature than that: more piano-stroking, more romcom starring Cameron Diaz, more Damien Rice cited as a songwriting inspiration, more making Ryan Adams at his MOR zenith look like Ryan Adams at his most narcotically destructive. Luke’s songs are no doubt from the heart, but they sound as hollow as bubblewrap.

Noel Gardner


Record label: Raygun
Release date: 08 Apr, 2013