Javelin – ‘Hi Beams’

Javelin - 'Hi Beams'


Samples are out but booty-shaking hooks are in

Brooklyn’s Javelin mastered the art of cut-and-paste bedroom digi-pop on their first long player, 2010’s ‘No Más’. This time out, they’ve ditched the MacBooks in favour of a traditional studio environment and it’s largely a successful experiment, with sumptuous keyboard melodies and live drum breaks replacing the heaped samples of old, while still packing enough Prince-like booty-shaking hooks to make even The Purple One go all green-eyed. They’re even able to successfully channel the Rocky films (‘Judgement Nite’) and the Big Breakfast theme (‘The Stars’) into something palatable for hipster ears – no mean feat.

Rob Webb


Record label: Luaka Bop
Release date: 15 Apr, 2013