Ice, Sea, Dead People – ‘If It’s Broken, Break It More’

Ice, Sea, Dead People - 'If It's Broken, Break It More'


Impatient thrills, malevolent guitars and silly screamed lyrics

Ice, Sea, Dead People’s second album is overloaded with malevolent guitars, silly screamed lyrics and mild fury, in a Mclusky kind of way. Such qualities are nothing without good ideas, and ISDP have plenty. These include repeating the title at the end of ‘I Found A Way’ approximately 703 times, utilising Sonic Youth guitar harmonic heroics on ‘If It’s Broken’, and the horrible spindly riff tripping over pummelled drums on ‘Accept The Mystery’. When less disgusting sounds are allowed to peek through the frantic fog they hint at beauty. But mostly ISDP deliver the viscous, impatient thrill of early Blood Brothers. Which is great, obviously.

Thom Gibbs


Record label: Lost Toys
Release date: 22 Apr, 2013