Jaws – ‘Milkshake EP’

Jaws - 'Milkshake EP'


Making laziness look and sound good since April 2013

Laziness is underrated. What a lot of people see as an undesirable character trait can, in fact, be good for you. Chill out more, live longer. Say no to a 10-mile run, stay up later. Sleep more, yawn less. Life-affirming mottos that bring us to Jaws, a quartet in awe of laziness on their debut six-track EP. Song titles, lyrics, overall vibes: a homage to doing not a lot. Opener ‘Breeze’ (a lazy version of proper wind) begins with frontman Connor Schofield’s plea “Hold my hand, think of me/I’ll take you to the beach” before building to a chorus that simply goes “I want it I need it, yeah“.

‘Donut’ (food for lazy people) follows, on which Schofield gives it the full first-Cribs-album Ryan Jarman, when his drawl was untainted by the angst that would later

infect it. He sounds truly blissed-out, singing “Don’t want you, don’t need you/It’s all good, it’s all cool/The sun’s out, it’s all cool“. No-one has ever sounded so much like the internal monologue of a sunbathing cat. It’s immensely soothing.

Sometimes, though, being soothed isn’t enough. And you could criticise Jaws for utilising a lot of overused 2013 touchstones. ‘Friend Like You’ has the high-pitched reverb of a DIIV track. And they are a Birmingham band, so anyone into Peace and Swim Deep will recognise the baggy ’90s sound.

What Jaws have that the others don’t, though, is synths. Most obviously on ‘Surround You’, which intros itself with a wall of sparkles Phoenix would dig. But best of all is ‘Stay In’ (kind of a lazy activity), which combines all of Jaws’ traits with the chorus “Stay in stay out“, like Schofield’s trying to make an inconsequential decision on holiday. Days when the hardest thing you have to do is work out whether to leave the house are the greatest.

Tom Howard


Record label: Rattlepop
Release date: 22 Apr, 2013