Dean Blunt – ‘The Redeemer’

Dean Blunt - 'The Redeemer'


Disparate noises come together to make a strange sonic world

It’s rare to hear an album that sounds like it’s not of this world. The twists and turns on Hype Williams producer Dean Blunt’s follow-up to 2011’s ‘The Narcissist II’ seem like they’re from anywhere but Earth, and evoke a strange sonic landscape. The Londoner combines neurotic voicemails and crashing waves (‘Walls Of Jericho’) with harp, choral vocals, slide guitar and classical strings (‘I Run New York’), then occasionally slings his own sing-rap weariness on top of it all. These disparate noises are all brought together to create a concept album about the end of a relationship. A strange record, but an intriguing planet to get sucked into.

Lucy Jones


Record label: World Music/Hippos In Tanks
Release date: 29 Apr, 2013