Pure X – ‘Crawling Up The Stairs’

Pure X - 'Crawling Up The Stairs'


Stares you in the eye until things get uncomfortable

It’s rare to hear a songwriter as open as Nate Grace is on ‘Crawling Up The Stairs’. Texan trio Pure X’s second album doesn’t so much invite you in for a chat as sit you down and stare you in the eye until things get uncomfortable. ‘Written In The Slime’ and ‘Shadows And Lies’ sound laced with his DNA, while ‘Things In My Head’ could rival Grizzly Bear in the polite heartbreak stakes. There are all too few songs like this, though, and that’s where the album falls down. While it’s interesting to hear Grace pour his heart out on ‘All Of The Future (All Of The Past)’ in a pained fashion, it makes for a record that doesn’t really demand repeated listens.

David Renshaw


Record label: Merok
Release date: 20 May, 2013