When Saints Go Machine – ‘Infinity Pool’

When Saints Go Machine - 'Infinity Pool'

Genre-splicing invention at its most fantastical

A love letter to the imagination, When Saints Go Machine’s third album is genre-splicing invention at its most fantastical, a carousel of hip-hop, opera and synth-pop where romantic joy is indivisible from the joy of sonic discovery. It’s glorious. While ‘Order’ conjoins Clams Casino and Carmen, ‘Webs’ unites diva balladry and DJ Shadow. On ‘Love And Respect’, meanwhile, frontman Nikolaj Vonsild’s falsetto is accompanied by the tetchy rhymes of one Killer Mike. That rap’s most progressive practitioner digs the Danes is testament to their growing cachet as trailblazers.

John Calvert


Record label: !K7
Release date: 27 May, 2013