Feathers – ‘If All Now Here’

Feathers - 'If All Now Here'

Are they really the female Depeche Mode?

Because they’re an all-girl band making ’80s-style synth-pop, these Texan newcomers have been branded “the female Depeche Mode”. That’s a pretty weighty label to live up to, but Feathers have shown they aren’t concerned, gamely accepting an invitation to open for the Mode themselves at SXSW back in March. Now, with this debut album, they should shake off the tag for good. Admittedly, it’s sometimes easy to play ‘spot the influence’ here: ‘Believe’ combines ‘Personal Jesus’ with Blondie’s ‘Call Me’, and ‘Dark Matter’ sounds like La Roux covering a Shakira song. But like all good bands, Feathers always sound most like Feathers. Flanked by her bandmates’ Arctic harmonies, singer Anastasia Dimou delivers tunes that are melodic, mysterious and often mesmerising, especially when the band channel Giorgio Moroder on the disco-tinged ‘Familiar So Strange’. Further proof that they’re not in the least bit fazed by those DM comparisons.

Nick Levine


Record label: Nyx
Release date: 27 May, 2013