Various Artists – ‘After Dark 2’

Various Artists - 'After Dark 2'


A nocturnal disco-for-aesthetes with a squeeze DIY attitude

So Daft Punk’s ‘RAM’ was pretty much the biggest thing since sliced Saturday Night Fever. Splendid, but it would be nice if a little of this acclaim could be reserved for Italians Do It Better. Like Daft Punk, Italians – helmed by New Jersey DJ production savant Johnny Jewel – make a nocturnal disco-for-aesthetes with a squeeze DIY attitude. This state-of-the-label address might not have had a launch party up the Shard, but is every bit an immaculate collection, from the Blondie-on-tranqs joy of Glass Candy’s ‘Warm In The Winter’ to the murder-on-the-dancefloor noir drone of Farah’s ‘Into Eternity’.

Louis Pattison


Record label: Italians Do It Better
Release date: 10 Jun, 2013