Poltergeist – ‘Your Mind Is A Box (Let Us Fill It With Wonder’


A tribute to the ’70s krautrock greats

Now that’s one presumptuous album title. Mind you, Poltergeist ought to be well-versed in braggadocio – all three members have done time in Echo & The Bunnymen, proto-indie icons who didn’t shy away from the grand gesture. More modestly, they envisage this debut album as a tribute to the ’70s krautrock greats – and up to a point, they succeed. The songs are wordless and average seven minutes long, and their repetitious, eerily reverbed, mid-paced chug feels like a soundtrack for a long motorway journey in midnight rain. Neu!, Can et al were reshaping rock, however; Poltergeist, by contrast, are working with cookie cutters.

Noel Gardner


Record label: 92 Happy Customers
Release date: 17 Jun, 2013