R Stevie Moore – ‘Personal Appeal’

R Stevie Moore - 'Personal Appeal'


It’s hard not to be wooed by Moore’s outsider charm

Ever since Ariel Pink cited him as an influence, Tennessee’s R Stevie Moore has toured the world and become something of an icon for hipsters. But Moore doesn’t care about fame. Since 1968, he has released over 400 albums, many of them on cassette or CD-R on his own label. This compilation harvests a selection of his 1973–2001 output of country, garage and general weirdness. Highlights include Moore singing tortured love songs over classical records, and ‘Copy Me’, an ode to cassette piracy that sounds like Syd Barrett and Mark E Smith covering The Cure. It’s bonkers, but it’s hard not to be wooed by Moore’s outsider charm.

Huw Nesbitt


Record label: Care In The Community
Release date: 05 Aug, 2013