Diana – ‘Perpetual Surrender’

Diana - 'Perpetual Surrender'


An intriguing debut

It’s 1991 all over again in Canada, and if your goth doesn’t have a touch of the electronic about it then you’re nothing. Grimes is the queen of this gothtronica pile. But Diana, a supergroup of sorts including members of The Hidden Cameras and Destroyer, acquit themselves well thanks to a gift for electro that tends towards the chill of early rave, and icy female vocals from Carmen Elle. Both feature prominently on standout track ‘Born Again’. They lose points, however, for a descent into guitar squall and full-on ‘Baker Street’ sax (‘Perpetual Surrender’), which mar an otherwise intriguing debut.

Ben Cardew


Record label: JagJaguwar
Release date: 19 Aug, 2013