Georges Vert – ‘An Electric Mind’

Georges Vert - 'An Electric Mind'


Vert injects everything with huge amounts of enthusiasm

Georges Vert is the latest Frenchman to fall under the spell of fellow countryman Marc Cerrone, best known for his 1977 disco smash ‘Supernature’. But unlike Daft Punk, Cassius and Air, on his debut album Vert doesn’t reference Cerrone’s cosmic late-’70s grooves so much as recreate them. ‘An Electric Mind’ and ‘Jovan Freak’ are period-perfect creations of muscular Nile Rodgers-style bass, analogue synth burblings and disco’s sense of fun. You could argue that it’s all a bit redundant, but Vert injects everything with huge amounts of enthusiasm. Now where’s that gold jumpsuit?

Chris Cottingham


Record label: Melodic