John Wizards – ‘John Wizards’

John Wizards - 'John Wizards'


A global sound from a globe-trotting band

John Wizards might be the most globe-trotting band you’ll hear this year: based in Cape Town, the duo also credit time spent in Rwanda, Tanzania and Mozambique as fuel to the sound they’ve cultivated. There’s so much packed into these 15 lush, context-evading songs, though, that map references are pretty futile. As well as jittery highlife guitars, tracks like ‘iYongwe’ and ‘Leuk’ give a starring role to ’80s-style funk synths, like Hudson Mohawke melting into a caned puddle. A shyly romantic pop sensibility is threaded through many of the tracks, ‘I’m Still A Serious Guy’ notable among them.

Noel Gardner


Record label: Planet Mu