Volcano Choir – ‘Repave’

Volcano Choir - 'Repave'


A Bon Iver-ish fix

Pining for a new Bon Iver record? Desperate to hear a fully grown man with a beard reveal his manly feelings? Then ‘Repave’, the second album from Justin Vernon’s Volcano Choir, should help. Apart from the weirdly out-of-place vocoder moment on ‘Comrade’, it’s a layered, lush and lovely eight-track affair. The meaty ‘Byegone’ prowls like a randy sasquatch, while ‘Alaskans’ offers a softer, more meandering kind of laptop folkishness. “Take note, there’s still a hole in your heart”, howls Justin on ‘Dancepack’, with that same keen desperation that made Bon Iver such a phenomenon.

Leonie Cooper


Record label: JagJaguwar