Jessy Lanza – ‘Pull My Hair Back’

Jessy Lanza - 'Pull My Hair Back'


The most obviously accessible thing Hyperdub have released for a while

If you were so inclined, you could treat ‘Pull My Hair Back’ as a side-project of genteel Canadian dance act Junior Boys: Jeremy Greenspan from that duo is responsible for much of the production of these nine songs. Of course, you’d be doing considerable disservice to Jessy Lanza, who brings her wistful, curiously distant vocals and encyclopedic knowledge of R&B to the party. The results elude easy categorisation, toying with the soft-focus synths and squealy ’80s funk chords that Greenspan has put to such good use in the past, but leaning towards minimal house pulsing and, on ‘5785021’, the tricksy drums of Chicago footwork. ‘Fuck Diamond’, more refined than its title suggests, has persistent popping-cork percussion and a vibe akin to miserablist funky house. It’s probably just a little too icy and detached to blow up in the manner of The Weeknd, Jessie Ware or similar indie R&B success stories, but ‘Pull My Hair Back’’s pop sensibility renders it the most obviously accessible thing Hyperdub have released for a while.

Noel Gardner


Record label: Hyperdub