‘Younghusband – ‘Dromes’

'Younghusband - 'Dromes'


There's plenty to fall in love with on Younghusband's debut album

Pub backrooms around the country are filled with bands who’ve mastered the motorik rhythms of krautrock and the feedback-laden haze of shoegaze only to forget to, er, write decent songs. This is not a mistake that Euan Hinshelwood’s Younghusband, under the guidance of Deerhunter producer Nicolas Vernhes, have made. The trippy ‘Comets Crossed’, stoner dream ‘Wavelength’ and the gorgeous ‘Constantly In Love’ show that, as with sonic relatives The Jesus And Mary Chain and The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Beatles melodies bloom beneath the distortion. There are meandering spots, particularly the unnamed interludes (‘*’ and ‘**’), but there’s plenty to fall in love with.

Kevin EG Perry


Record label: Sonic Cathedral