Body/Head – ‘Coming Apart’

Body/Head - 'Coming Apart'


Kim Gordon goes weird gothic delta blues

Body/Head is Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon and avant-garde guitarist Bill Nace’s improvised drone project, in which Gordon moans and both play guitar. Easy listening it most certainly is not. Most of it sounds like the weird gothic delta blues bits from The Doors’ lengthy 1967 classic ‘The End’. Much of it focuses on the notion of identity: “I can only think of you in the abstract“, laments Gordon on ‘Abstract’. This return to drone primitivism might seem somewhat regressive for Gordon, as it doesn’t represent anything remotely new for her as a musician or for drone music as a whole. But it is done with a pleasing malevolence. Just don’t listen to it with a hangover.

Huw Nesbitt


Record label: Matador
Release date: 23 Sep, 2013