Wolf Alice – ‘Blush’

Wolf Alice - 'Blush'


Enough to put colour in your cheeks

The cover of Wolf Alice’s debut EP is designed to make you feel like a bashful adolescent, and their angsty rock-pop will help you painfully recall that burning sensation that creeps onto your face when you’re awkward and naive. The title track – all tingly and emo – is ideal for park-bench-dwelling teens, while ‘She’ is proper door-slamming, why-doesn’t-anybody-understand-me frustration. Singer Ellie Rowsell wouldn’t have been old enough to walk when Echobelly and The Breeders were representing Britpop and grunge, but this quartet could belong on either side of the ’90s Atlantic. Nothing stands up to the chaos of early single ‘Fluffy’, but there’s enough here to put some colour in your cheeks.

Eve Barlow


Record label: Chess Club
Release date: 07 Oct, 2013