Radkey – ‘Devil Fruit’ EP

Radkey - 'Devil Fruit' EP


The Radke brothers let rip in a fury of sludgy riffs and raucous noise

Slagging off your family in a diary rant is one thing, but putting it down in song? That takes some balls. Missouri siblings Radkey must be seriously pissed at their grandad then, because ‘Little Man’, the second track on their ‘Devil Fruit’ EP, takes aim with a cutting tirade against their aged relative. “You’ve got no ideas and no imagination”, spits Dee Radke in the opening line, the sludgy riff spooling out of his guitar adding to the sense of fury. And the anger doesn’t let up throughout the record. ‘Romance Dawn’ is all ominous punk noise, starting off with drummer Solomon’s slow and steady beats before veering into unhinged raucousness. ‘Start Freaking Out’ continues the brutal streak before ‘Overwhelmed’ completely lets go of inhibitions in a fit of textbook Nirvana grunge, with Dee declaring, “I feel stupid… not the smartest”. Right now, he’s top of the class.

Rhian Daly


Record label: Little Man
Release date: 14 Oct, 2013