DJ Rashad – ‘Double Cup’

DJ Rashad - 'Double Cup'


It’s the sound of the genre at its most bonkers, churning out never-before-heard sounds

It’s not often you encounter something completely new – and exciting, to boot – in music these days. Except, that is, when the new music in question is footwork, the Chicago-born dance genre. Not only is it the world’s most future-predicting musical form, but it’s one that’s constantly evolving and manically experimental, and reinvents itself on an almost weekly basis. Redefining the boundaries once again, DJ Rashad’s ‘Double Cup’, his first album for Hyperdub, is unprecedented even by footwork standards. It’s the sound of the genre at its most bonkers, with the scene’s most brazen producer churning out never-before-heard sounds that range from the acid-ghetto-house of ‘Acid Bit’ to the footwork/jungle hybrid of ‘I’m Too High’. Impressive stuff.

John Calvert


Record label: Hyperdub
Release date: 22 Oct, 2013