Ryan Hemsworth – ‘Guilt Trips’

Ryan Hemsworth - 'Guilt Trips'


Inspired by high-school cliques it flirts with breathy R&B and intricate electronica

Toronto-based producer Ryan Hemsworth has been dubbed the ‘Remix Ryan Gosling’ for the way he coolly collides skittering trap with woozy chillwave synth. His pop bootlegs have positioned him as a full-on frat party DJ. Debut full-length ‘Guilt Trips’ continues to address this balance. Inspired by high-school cliques – and, by the sounds of it, a deep love of Donkey Kong – it flirts with breathy R&B (‘One For Me’ featuring Tinashe), ghostly Aphex Twin-isms (‘Happiness & Dreams Forever’) and intricate electronica that’s deeper than an episode of The Returned. Hip-hop may rule the locker room, but it’s the sensitive beats that make the girls swoon.

Kate Hutchinson


Record label: Last Gang
Release date: 22 Oct, 2013