Gambles- ‘Trust’

Gambles- 'Trust'


‘Trust’ is the saddest thing you’ll hear all year

Informed by misfortune, drug and alcohol abuse, divorce and heartbreak, ‘Trust’ is the saddest thing you’ll hear all year. Gambles mainman Matthew Daniel Siskin takes his troubles and, armed with an old acoustic, weeps into the mic. Recent interviews and this resulting record suggest he’s some way off full recovery. But all that alone doesn’t earn ‘Trust’ a golden ticket. At times Siskin’s story is also the album’s downfall, the music suffering from a lack of diversity despite being heart-wrenching. The high points salvage things – Siskin’s aching Leonard Cohen croon on ‘265’ is undeniably gorgeous, while the ravaged ‘Rooftops’ might be the best song Willy Mason never wrote.

Matt Wilkinson


Director: GMBLS
Release date: 01 Oct, 2013