Forest – ‘Caramel Arms’ EP

Forest - 'Caramel Arms' EP

Forest are a band who are on the cusp of being brilliant

Forest are five 18-year-olds from Cambridge, still figuring out what their sound is. Earlier this year they put out debut EP ‘Sweetcure’, which rattled with the angst of early Radiohead inside a fug of MBV noise. Five months later they’re trying some new things out on ‘Caramel Arms’. You’ll find a blast of power pop on ‘Coaster’ and some ‘1977’-era Ash on ‘99’. Most successful, though, is the sunny shoegaze of ‘Warm Tyres’, a song so fully accomplished it sounds like the quintet have been trapped in Ride man Andy Bell’s cellar. The only thing the band’s two EPs have in common is that they’re both nervous and excitable experiments, made by a band who are on the cusp of being brilliant.

Harriet Gibsone


Record label: Indielabel
Release date: 01 Sep, 2013