Bored Nothing – ‘Bored Nothing’

Bored Nothing - 'Bored Nothing'


Fergus Miller creates an intimate and unpolished album which should take his personal approach to a much wider audience

The intentions of Melbourne resident Fergus Miller have always been modest. The 22-year-old has spoken in interviews about writing all his songs to play for two of his friends and “for something to do”, and started recording homemade tapes in 2011 as a way of forming a connection with people he meets when travelling around. This debut should take Miller’s personal approach to a wider audience. The mellow, lo-fi slacker rock of ‘Shit For Brains’ is like Jackson Scott with all the weirdness sucked out, ‘Let Down’ has a ’60s R&B bassline that could rumble its way into The Rolling Stones’ oeuvre with ease, and ‘Bliss’ puts a downcast slant on Best Coast’s weed haze. Intimate, unpolished and worth getting to know.

Rhian Daly


Record label: Cooperative Music
Release date: 02 Nov, 2012