Papa- ‘Tender Madness’

Papa- 'Tender Madness'


After denouncing the idea of being a rock star, Darren Weiss could have livened up this debut album with a bit of rock star pomp

A few months ago, one half of LA duo Papa, Darren Weiss, denounced the idea of being a rock star and said he’d rather be a librarian: “I believe in dedicating my life to being an artist,” he said. The former Girls drummer seems sincere, and his devotion to the cause is in every impassioned beat, Springsteen-inspired lyric and wild piano chord on ‘Tender Madness’’ standout tracks: ‘Put Me To Work’, ‘I Am The Lion King’ and ‘Young Rut’. Over the course of this debut album, however, the schtick begins to wear thin. And when the songs descend into repetitive strummed choruses and tired imagery (“Ain’t it so good to be young in America and watch the world burn”, on ‘If The Moon Rises’) you realise a bit of rock-star pomp could’ve livened things up a little.

Eve Barlow


Record label: Universal/Island
Release date: 08 Oct, 2013