September Girls – ‘Cursing The Sea’

September Girls - 'Cursing The Sea'


Dubliners' debut mixes Mary Chain fuzz with Ramones spirit

The debut album by Dublin’s September Girls arrives in the wake of six singles, released inside less than two years. That’s the sort of workrate that harks back to a bygone era of independent music – as does their dark-hearted, harmonic fuzz-rock. Enthusiasts of the sound September Girls offer – at the nexus between 60s girl group sounds, ’70s buzzsaw punk chug and ’80s indiepop naiveté – have had plenty to keep them sated in the past half-decade or so. It’s nearly three years, though, since the last album by Vivian Girls, the band SG most closely recall; ‘Cursing The Sea’ is a more than adequate stand-in. Caoimhe Derwin and Jessie Ward’s guitars have perfected that Jesus And Mary Chain kettle-whistle sound, lending a haunted air to otherwise energetic stomps like ‘Heartbeats’ and ‘Talking’. ‘Money’ (their titles tend towards the phlegmatic) and ‘Someone New’ provide a victorious one-two punch late on, bursting with the spirit of the Ramones circa ‘End Of The Century’.

Noel Gardner


Record label: Fortuna POP!
Release date: 06 Jan, 2014