Happyness – ‘Happyness EP’

Happyness - 'Happyness EP'


South London three-piece's debut release summons woozy US college rock sounds

‘Charming’ is a word you’ll hear a lot in conjunction with south London trio Happyness, who write the sort of woozy and almost exclusively American-influenced college rock that brims with the bravado and naivety of youth. This is demonstrated most vividly by the lyrics on ‘It’s On You’: (“I’m an anarchist, communist, feminist, phlebotomist… yeah, right”). They have musical talent to go with this charm, from the depressed surf-rock twang of ‘Lascascadas’ to the country-rock lushness of ‘Orange Luz’. It all amounts to something deliberately slight and timorous, but lovely nonetheless.

Barry Nicolson


Record label: Weird Smiling
Release date: 06 Jan, 2014