Samantha Crain – ‘Kid Face’

Samantha Crain - 'Kid Face'


The third album from Oklahoma singer-songwriter Crain

Oklahoma’s Samantha Crain does weird so very well. The only trouble is, she just doesn’t do it nearly enough. On her third album, the eerie Americana of ‘Paint’ brings to mind Dolly Parton wandering around a graveyard, or Joni Mitchell inviting you over for a tarot reading and a bash on her Ouija board. Crain’s aura owes a lot to her voice, a husky wobble of a thing that threatens as much as it seduces on the gothic flamenco jam ‘Sand Paintings’. That she doesn’t stick to this strangeness is frustrating, as jaunty album opener ‘Never Going Back’ and the similarly sprightly ‘Somewhere All The Time’ offer conformist country melodies that sound swept from the bedroom floor of a teenage Taylor Swift.

Leonie Cooper


Record label: Full Time Hobby
Release date: 03 Feb, 2014