Pypy – ‘Pagan Day’

Pypy - 'Pagan Day'


A mixed bag of organ-powered krautrock and early ’80s dance-punk beats

Comprising members of assorted obscure Montreal bands – including Annie-Claude Deschênes of Duchess Says, who were Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ tour partners in 2009/10 – Pypy are for those who like their rock abrasive, deranged and, crucially, danceable. Debut album ‘Pagan Day’ is a mixed bag, but this is a stylistic issue rather than one of quality. Its opening title track is organ-powered krautrock, while ‘Molly’ combines girl-group cuteness and screwy psychedelic guitar gnarl in unlikely but successful fashion, and may or may not be a drug reference. Throughout, the frequent use of early ’80s dance-punk beats help temper Pypy’s enthusiasm for the fuzz pedal with the sound of untamed funk. Noel Gardner


Record label: Slovenly
Release date: 03 Feb, 2014