Let’s Wrestle – ‘Let’s Wrestle’

Let’s Wrestle - 'Let’s Wrestle'


The London rockers take on riots and unrequited love on accomplished third outing

For a group whose debut single revelled in the minutiae of the ‘80s British wrestling scene, Let’s Wrestle’s Steve Albini-recorded 2011 album ‘Nursing Home’ brought a surprising and pronounced American influence to their sound. But singer-guitarist Wesley Patrick Gonzalez doesn’t want to be in Hüsker Dü any more. Instead, the group’s third LP finds them kicking around the London suburbs, working with the sort of lush horn and string arrangements that can only ever indicate a stab at maturity. Gonzalez manages it rather well. Looking backwards to his teens, the former slacker-pop urchin immerses himself in sweetly poignant recollections of the 2011 London riots (‘Rain Ruins Revolution,’) friendship fall-out (‘Opium Den,’) and unrequited love (‘Always A Friend’). It’s their finest collection of songs to date.

Simon Jay Catling


Record label: Fortuna Pop!
Release date: 10 Feb, 2014